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  • November 05, 2019

Cannabis and Exercise. Do They Pair Together?

Cannabis and exercise sound more like an oxymoron than a match made in heaven.  However, contrary to what many may believe, cannabis can indeed be a complement to a healthy lifestyle. 

As more research is conducted and there is an increase in public awareness we alter the stigma associated with marijuana from being a "stoner" to being an active member of the community. Consuming marijuana can still mean leading a healthy, vibrant, productive life.

Healthy-Conscious People + Cannabis

Recent insights published by BDS Analytics have alluded to many health-conscious individuals complementing their lifestyle with cannabis. In fact, 43% of cannabis consumers highly prioritize their health and wellness, and 38% are mindful of their nutrition. One-quarter of the consumers are claiming to pair exercise and cannabis frequently, and younger consumers are more likely than average to incorporate the two. 

The information from the insights allows us to see that 60% of consumers believe that cannabis is a healthier alternative to alcohol.  According to FinancialBuzz.com, "legal adult use cannabis states witnessed binge drinking rates fall by 9% below the national average, and 11% below non-cannabis states." 

50% of cannabis consumers are saying that their personal care routine is directly correlated to physical activity, and get this, 58% of these individuals exercise weekly.  If you didn't know, this is a significantly larger percentage than non-cannabis consumers.  

Health-Conscious Consumers Preferred Method 

Lastly, when we take a look at the BDS report, we can distinguish the preferred method of consumption across consumers who pair exercise and cannabis.  Not surprisingly, inhalable products such as vapes and flower account for 69% and are the preferred method of consumption, while nearly a quarter say that they prefer edibles. 

The Optimistic Stigma Shift

As a cannabis lifestyle brand these findings are insightful and optimistic. The shift in the reputation of cannabis and its consumers is a welcomed change. It more honestly reflects who is consuming cannabis and shows how it is used as a modality that contributes to an individual’s overall health, wellness, and happiness.

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