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CBD Topicals 101: Understanding The Basics Before Applying

CBD or cannabidiol has quickly become a hot ingredient showing up in every type of topical product from skincare to pain relief, and rightfully so. While much of the initial information has been anecdotal, there is more research emerging that may show positive findings that topical CBD products can have significant benefits like localized pain relief and help with inflammation. While there is...

6 Factors That Can Impact The Way You Experience Cannabis

Having a glass of wine alone at home with dinner is a different experience than doing a shot of whiskey on an empty stomach in a night club. Yet, both scenarios are considered to be drinking alcohol. There are many different factors that come into play that can influence how you experience substance effects. For anyone who has consumed alcohol, you experience different feelings in different...

Tips and Tidbits About Common and Not So Common Cannabinoid Receptors

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in cannabis.  To date, there are approximately 113 cannabinoids that have been isolated from the cannabis plant.  These compounds are typically either psychoactive or non-psychoactive. Psychoactive means that it provides the "high" feeling that is often associated with cannabis use.

Cannabis and Exercise. Do They Pair Together?

Cannabis and exercise sound more like an oxymoron than a match made in heaven.  However, contrary to what many may believe, cannabis can indeed be a complement to a healthy lifestyle.