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  • November 08, 2019

Ditch The NSAIDs & Look To a Natural Anti-Inflammatory for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Relief for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome comes at no easy feat, and there really is no hiding the symptoms. But, do not worry, studies and science are showing that cannabis is, in fact, known as an anti-inflammatory itself.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a common condition that causes pain, numbness and tingling in the hand and arm, and if left untreated, CTS could potentially lead to the weakness and lack of coordination in your fingers and thumb. Cannabis could be an alternative modality to those seeking relief from this painful diagnosis.

The Dark Side to NSAIDs

NSAIDs may help relieve pain from carpal tunnel syndrome in the short term; however, studies are showing that chronic NSAID use increases the risk of peptic ulcer disease, acute renal failure, and stroke/myocardial infarction. All of this, among a host of other less severe symptoms, and one can quickly determine that these are not ideal methods to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.




Side Effects to CBD for CTS

On the other hand, there have been no side effects proven with the use of CBD. In severe cases, an individual may still be required to wear a splint to bed in order to combat the numb, tingling feelings.

With the current opioid epidemic that we are seeing in the US, one would think that using anti-inflammatories like NSAIDs and steroids would not be suggested. This leads to the body building up a tolerance to them over time, which can lead to stronger painkillers, more discomfort, and an increase in moodiness. Cannabis is a known anti-inflammatory, and though you may build up a tolerance over time if you’re a new consumer, it evens out pretty quickly. This is generally in a matter of weeks, though each individual may experience different results.

Only Benefits No Side Effects

Cannabis, and more importantly, CBD, is a natural alternative modality for inflammation in soft tissues, for inflammation caused by nerve damage, and commonly for pain associated joints - all associated with CTS. Not only does cannabis and CBD relieve these symptoms of Carpal Tunnel, but it also has additional benefits that assist with alleviating other aches and pains. 

A great way to receive the healing benefits of cannabis is with a topical application. Topical cannabis products will be non-psychoactive, so it will not get you "high," but it will work wonders.